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South Construction Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. was initially started in the year 1986 by Mr. Abdul Rasheed to amplify the construction business. The South Construction Co. (Pvt) Ltd. and its sister concerns Modem Construction Company, Al-Ibrahim Construction Company, M/s Mushtaq Ibrahim Associates, and Vision Tech Enterprises until this date has carried out large numbers of construction and development works in Karachi, Lahore and MultanSouth Construction Co, (Pvt.) Ltd. Is a member of the Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD), a leading trade body of the construction industry in Pakistan and Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

South Construction Co: (Pvt.) Ltd. has developed various projects over a span of 30 years. All projects were designed on modern lines providing all utilities including roads, water, electric, gas, sewerage works, amenities such as mosques, parks, clinics, schools, community hall, shopping / commercial area etc. The company has completed more than 20 projects ranging from development of 3.5 acres to 50 acres and constructed over 800 town houses, over 800 low cost houses and more than 6 multi-stories apartment buildings consisting of over 500 flats.


Having delivered numerous residential and commercial projects successfully, the project team knows the perfect recipe for creating the best living standards, and Ibrahim Heaven is set to be a perfect example of it.


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